Swing, Jazz & Jive, a little bit of Soul & some classic Rock & Roll!



How long do you play for? Our normal evening would be 2 x 50 minute sets with a 20 minute break between sets. If you need something different then please let us know.
What is your set up time? It normally takes about an hour and a half to set up and slightly less to strike down.
How much space do you need? This depends on the layout of the room but about four metres wide for the trio going down to two metres for Phil's solo gigs. Ideally one and a half to two metres deep. We are The Corner Club so a corner will suffice if it's large enough! We normally find a way to fit in however much space we have.
Do you take special requests? We are happy to do special requests, we will, however, require notice well in advance for technical and practical reasons. We would suggest that you enquire about this the first time you contact us.
How many power outlets do you need? For health and safety reasons we recommend a minimum of two but for smaller venues or where there are limited lighting requirements, one will suffice.

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